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Costa Rica

Discover the Charm & Beauty of Orosi, Costa Rica: Sunset Tour at Finca Queveri

I've lived in Costa Rica for a few months now, but visiting Finca Queveri was my first real tour. Finca Queveri is high above the town of Orosi, Costa Rica, boasting an astonishing view of the town below.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by our hosts Roger and Giselle right before being joined by another party, a couple of women from the UK. We also had another special guest join us! Cali, the border Collie puppy. Giselle served us banana bread and drinks before we were introduced to the horses.

Cali the black and white Border Collie is trotting alongside us!

My horse was Princess, the tallest one. Roger told us a story about how naturally accommodating she was with a blind rider. As we were introduced to each horse, I made a note to myself to intentionally greet the one I'd be riding before I got on. Well, I was nervous about getting on Princess properly and didn't take the time to bond with her first. I learned to regret this later on.

We rode up the mountain, one behind the other, occasionally checking to make sure we didn't lose anyone. Cali trotted along with us as well.T he local flora and fauna were breathtaking and made for a pleasantly peaceful ride.

Remember when I mentioned not bonding with Princess was going to bite me in the ass? She repeatedly walked us into low-hanging plants. I'd like to think she wasn't being malicious, but I honestly don't know. It's kinda funny when you think about it, but nevertheless, she was a good horse.

We stopped at the highest point to take pictures and take in the view, then proceeded to make our way back down. Before finishing the ride, we got to meet baby cows! They were only a few months old!

Baby cows eating hay!

After returning to the main lodge, Giselle served us a fresh 4 course home-cooked meal of Costa Rican cuisine via Fonda del Alto. Fonda del Alto is the kitchen of Queveri which doesn't have a set menu. Food is purchased and cooked based on the reservation, taking into account such as allergies and food preferences.

Our meal lineup consisted of carrot soup, salad, chicken and vegetables, and ice cream with sweet potato. Each course had it's own, tasty unique flavor, and there was something to learn about each dish. A wonderful way to end the tour, with food and fellowship with my peers.

You can book this tour via Airbnb Experiences titled: Wanderlust in Queveri: Food and Horses

Where is Orosi, Costa Rica?

Orosi is about 35km (22 mi) south of San Jose in the Cartago province. The San Jose airport (SJO) is also the closest.

When is the best time to visit Orosi, Costa Rica?

The dry season is from December to May. This is also the safest time to go rafting in the river!

Things to do in Orosi, Costa Rica

  • Horseback Riding at Finca Queveri
  • Mineral Hot Springs at Hacienda Orosi
  • Irazu Volcano
  • Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi and the Museum
  • White Water Rafting

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Getting to Finca Queveri?

Finca Queveri is up a steep mountain and requires a 4x4 to reach. If you're coming from outside the area, like from San Jose, and you're relying on Uber, have the Uber take you to the center and arrange a 4x4 taxi to get you the rest of the way.

I was super fortunate that my Uber driver took me the entire way. (I was coming from Cartago btw).

What should I bring to Finca Queveri?

  • Waterproof shoes/boots
  • A poncho in case of rain
  • Cash for a taxi, both for the ride up and down

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