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Costa Rica

Chocolate Lovers Paradise: 5 Chocolate Activities To Do in Costa Rica's Caribe Sur

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Today is World Chocolate Day! The perfect day to share with you the best chocolate related activities to do in the Caribe Sur region of Costa Rica.

I've been living here since the end of January, and there's no shortage of unique chocolate flavors to try. But if you visit, don't just eat the chocolate, see how it's made and learn about it's medicinal uses.

If you (or the kids) are a chocolate lover, this is the right place for you.

Have Breakfast at Bread and Chocolate

Menu items from Bread and Chocolate such as gazpacho, turkey and bacon sandwich, and sautéed potatoes.

Menu items from Bread and Chocolate such as gazpacho, turkey and bacon sandwich, and sautéed potatoes.

Bread and Chocolate is a restaurant and bakery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Many of their products are locally sourced and made in-house.

I personally love to go there and have their sautéed potatoes with jerk sauce or their gazpacho. You can't go wrong with anything on their menu.

I'm usually too full for dessert, but definitely grab something to go. I love a chai milk chocolate bar to have for later.

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Schedule a Chocolate Massage

Welcome drinks and foot bath

You receive a welcome drink and foot massage before each appointment. Photo by Nikki Singletary.

Have you ever been massaged with chocolate? It's quite the unique experience!

A chocolate massage is a full body massage that incorporates warm chocolate that leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and nourished.

The chocolate acts as a coarse body scrub that both feels and smells indulgent.

I've only booked 1 hour long sessions, but 1.5 hours is also an option.

If you need a "mommy and me" option, they recommend the chocolate massage for kids as well! Just know that you'll need to accompany them in the same room.

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Book the Bri Bri Chocolate and Waterfall Tour

The Bri Bri are an indigenous group in the Talamanca area of Costa Rica. You can book a tour to visit their community and learn about Bri Bri culture, medicinal plants, and the chocolate making process.

Don't just eat the chocolate, see how it's made and learn about it's medicinal uses.

I booked my tour with Jungle Man Tours. It's a half day tour that starts at the Bri Bri community and ends at a nearby waterfall, leaving you with plenty of time to recuperate before evening activities.

This tour will certainly give you a greater appreciation for the surrounding area and culture.

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Experience Chocolate Pairings at Choco

A glass of beer with a piece of chocolate on a banana leaf on a white plate and a cacao fruit

Chocolate and beer tasting. Photo by Nikki Singletary

Choco is a unique chocolate shop located in the heart of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. They sell artisanal chocolates from several local chocolate producers and offer knowledgable chocolate pairing sessions, where you'll try 3 different chocolate flavors with 3 different alcoholic drinks.

You can order the following tasting types:

  1. Chocolate and rum
  2. Chocolate and wine
  3. Chocolate and beer
  4. Chocolate tasting plate (non-alcoholic option).

I've done the first 3, and while it's hard to pick a favorite, I think the chocolate and rum tasting might be the best. I'm not sure though, so I think I should go back and try them all again. Stay tuned.

Visit the shop to experience a tasting session, order a dessert, or take home a few gifts.

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Hang out at Caribeans Coffee and Chocolate

Caribeans Coffee and Chocolate offers fruit bowls with chocolate nibs of their very own chocolate. To the right is a plate of delicious huevos rancheros.

Caribeans Coffee and Chocolate is a coffee shop that serves breakfast until 3pm and makes their own organically grown chocolate. This is one of my favorite breakfast spots and I'm madly in love with their fruit bowl. They also offer chocolate tasting flights and tours.

Their fast wifi and cozy ambience is the perfect spot to hang out if you need to get some work done.

Visit the Caribeans WebsiteVisit Website

Continue Planning Your Trip to Costa Rica's Carib Sur

Costa Rica's Caribe Sur region has so much to offer, and this is only a small snippet of it. Consider these additional recommendations as you plan your trip.

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